One toy,
endless games.

Smart Lumies extend normal features of toys through sensors and interactive surfaces.
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​ Imagine a toy that uses colors and sounds to play any game you want. We have created an interactive toy that enables kids to choose what game they want to play, whenever they want.

Brain boosting.

Combining all the good things from an application, something that is all around us, with a toy that is in real space. Smart Lumies boost kid's creativity, motor skills, logic and algorithmic thinking by using intuitive games and physical objects.

New age toy.

We harnessed the power of technology and made a thinking box. It adapts to the style of play and creates new games how you command it to do. In every child there is a small genius who creates a world of future.

​With the help of artificial intelligence, we have built a system that can track the child's progress and can recommend games in certain areas like logic, music, colors and fun.

Imagine. Create. Play.

The software platform is used to control the cubes, select games, lessons and create own games through the Game creator. All the games can be customised, including the games that you or kids have created.

Play. Learn. Grow.

Kids can play through lessons and missions, collect points and powers while constantly learning new skills. Their progress, as well as speed of learning new skills, can be tracked.

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Kids dream about their own imagination and creativity.
Let them create it and become a reality - ​with Smart Lumies.

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Logical conclusion can be fun and interesting. Kids now have the possibility to play games that boost child's coordination, balance and precision while having a great time.

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With the Smart Lumies Game Creator, kids can create any game they think can of. Their ideas and imagination can be turned into reality with a simple drag and drop system.

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Each cube responds to touch and rotation. If we add speakers to Smart Lumies, they become instruments that play like the kids want.

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Use your cubes to play spatial games and be amazed by their possibilities of recognizing each cube in the every environment.

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We really made a toy that helps unlock natural imagination and share it with others. Respecting rules and collaboration was never easier.


Choose games from our app and play it with Smart Lumies.

Each game can be chosen from a smartphone or tablet, both iOS and Android.

Playing new, fun and educational games has never been easier, choose a game from our application and play it - with Smart Lumies.

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